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Welcome to the website of the transFAIR Transfer of Innovation project!

In all Europe there is a need for competence development of professionals who work with care for children placed outside their home. This project aims at transferring the FAIRstart training program to new countries and new settings.

The FAIRstart program was developed in the period 2009-2010 in close cooperation with the potential users: the practitioners. It is successfully being applied by staff at child institutions and foster families in many countries inside and outside Europe.
Please go to train.fairstartedu.us to see the program.

In the transFAIR project, however, we are also dealing with learning and the interplay between formal learning and the learning that takes place in practice. How to build a bridge between the two different forms of learning, how to ensure the best possible transfer of the learning outcome from the formal training to the employee's use of the learning outcome in the daily work?

Through our project activities we want to contribute to the answering of these questions.